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Visit one of our many orchards and enjoy fresh produce throughout the season.

Or visit one of our Farmer's Markets
Downtown - Sanilac Avenue & Washington Street corner,
(west of M-19 on M-46)
Saturdays, 9 am - 12 Noon,
May 23 - October 31
In Season Produce from Local Merchants & Farms
Port Sanilac
Fire Hall Park - N. Ridge Street,
(north of M-46 on M-25)
Every Friday, May 28 - October 15
In Season Produce from Local Merchants & Farms
Croswell Stockyards
5678 Blackriver Road - Croswell
(810) 679-3897
Every Monday, May 1 - November 1
Antiques, In Season Produce, Flea Market, Plants & More during the livestock auction
Marlette Livestock Auction, Inc.
6381 Euclid Street - Marlette
(989) 635-2183
Every Monday, Year Around
In Season Produce, Plants, (mostly in the summer months), as well as a variety of Amish made products during the livestock auction.

Farm Markets provide emotional as well as nutritional ingredients to a person’s life. According to Lewis (2013), farm markets can improve your sense of well-being through the feeling of community that is often generated at a farmer’s market. As a tourist in Sanilac County, you can get an impression for the makeup of the community, and you can share in the close-knit atmosphere that is part of rural living.

For instance, in the two weekly farm markets that take place in Sanilac County, you can catch a glimpse of life in Port Sanilac, a small resort town along the shore of Lake Huron, with a population of just over 600, or in Sandusky, Sanilac’s county seat, with a population of nearly 2800.

In both communities, everyone is considered a neighbor, whether you live within the village or city limits, in the surrounding townships, or are simply passing through on a vacation.

Become a part of the rich tapestry of rural life, if just for the time that you are shopping at the Farm Market. Take part in the conversations that surround you, and revel in the warm friendliness that naturally emanates from people who feel a connection to everyone around them.

Of course, not to be outdone by the emotional benefits of shopping at Sanilac County Farm Markets, is the opportunity to purchase fruits, vegetables and other delectable goods from local producers, many of whom use organic methods to grow their crops!

Reference: Lewis, L (2013). An emotional harvest at your local farmers’ market. The Tribune, February 5, 2013. Retrieved from
If your desire is to obtain the freshest farm products possible, consider visiting one of our pick-your-own berry farms or orchards.

McCallum’s Orchard, Cider Mill and Winery is located at 5697 Harris Road, Jeddo, at the southern border of Sanilac County. They plan to open for the season on May 1 and have a wide variety of U-pick or Already-picked fruit available, such as apples, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, grapes and pumpkins in season. McCallum’s also holds a Kids’ Day and Pumpkin Festival in the fall. In addition, they can host your next conference, barbeque, party or trade fair on their grounds.

Near Port Sanilac, Messing Menagerie Farm welcomes you, specializing in naturally raised cattle and organic vegetables. At the Menagerie Farm you can order pork, beef or goat, or visit their selfserve roadside produce stand, open in May for the asparagus season, and continuing through the summer and fall with a seasonal election of corn, beans, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins, to name just a few.

Or try Bingle Berry Farm, on Marlette Road, just outside of Croswell, open July and August, specializing in blueberries and blackberries. While in Croswell, also check out the Croswell Berry Farm on N. Black River Road for blueberries and blackberries.

A blueberry farm not to be missed is the Green Thumb Blueberry Farm just east of Sandusky on Stringer Road. Specializing in both picked and U-pick blueberries and raspberries, they also offer a wide variety of vegetables in season as well, including peppers, sweet corn, beans and tomatoes. Also near Sandusky, on N. Stoutenburg Road, is Kurt Long’s Garden, open in June for strawberries and other produce.

West of Sandusky, on Wheeler Road in Snover, visit Thistledown Farms to purchase produce and to observe the day to day operations of an organic processing plant. Tours are available by calling ahead: 810-672-9496. And, in the northern part of the county, don’t miss the Kritzman Berry Farm, on Brush Street in Deckerville, offering strawberries during the season of May and June.

In the southwest part of the county, just south of Marlette on M-53, visitors will find the Volz Market. Open year-round, Volz’s carries farm fresh produce in season as well as groceries, bulk foods and gardening/yard supplies.
Bingle's Berry Farm
3730 Marlette Road - Croswell
(810) 633-9338
Produce, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries &
Blackberries. U-Pick or We Pick. Season: June – October

Cros-Lex Blueberry Farm
33 N. Black River Road - Croswell
(810) 679-3273
Blueberries, U-Pick or We Pick. Season: July - August. Hours in season: Open 8am - 8pm

Doug's Berry Patch (Gray Haven Farm)
6455 Walker Road - Sanilac Twp., MI 48469
(810) 622-0076
U-Pick Berries & produce. Call for hours

Green Thumb Blueberries Inc.
455 S. Stringer Road - Sandusky
(810) 648-2974
Garden Vegetables, Pumpkins, Blueberries, Raspberries.
U-Pick or We Pick. Season: Mid-July – August

Island Farms Inc.
1401 E Sanilac Road - Sandusky, MI 48471
(810) 648-2305
Organic eggs, fruit, and produce

Kritzman Berry Farm
2194 Brush Street - Deckerville
(810) 376-3045
Strawberries, U-Pick or We Pick. Season Mid-June.

Kurt Long's Garden
840 N. Stoutenburg Road - Sandusky
(810) 648-2032
Strawberries in June, Tomatoes & Peppers late summer, most other produce available.

McCallum's Orchards, Cider Mill & Winery
5697 Harris Road - Jeddo, MI 48032
(810) 327-6394

Messing Menagerie Farms
5616 East Sanilac Road - Carsonville
(810) 622-8920
Naturally Raised Cattle
and Vegetable Farm using organic
practices. Beef, Pork, Goat.
Self serve Produce Stand
Asparagus Season: May - June.
Vegetable Season: August - November.

Speaker Lone Oak Orchard
7353 Brockway Road
Melvin, MI 48454
Peaches in August,
Apples in September

Steinman Farms

5850 Brockway Road - Peck
(810) 378-5772
Strawberries, U-Pick or We Pick.
Season: Mid-June.
Greenhouse Season: May-June.

Volz Farm Market
4410 Van Dyke Road - Marlette
(989) 635-7180
Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Bulk Food.

Sanilac County Wineries

The growing wine industry is blooming in Sanilac County and the thumb area, offering a wide selection of wines to tempt every taste bud!

From wine tasting rooms with live music and food to down-on-the-farm charm, our wineries have a lot to offer! Take a drive and visit the vineyards, and learn the art of winemaking for yourself. Many varieties of wine throughout the thumb feature fruit such as pears, apples, and blackberries, to name only a few. Of course, classic wine from grapes such as the Concorde and Chardonnay are plentiful; and there are even Gold medal wines available from winemakers right here in the thumb!

Starting from the south and working our way north, is downtown Lexington. The Lexington Brewing Company and Wine House is open year-round and features wine tasting, food and entertainment. Their second location is the Blue Water Winery and Vineyard located at 7131 Holverson Road, south of Port Sanilac. Onsite wine tasting in season is available at this location as well as some unique events including an opportunity to help harvest the grapes in the fall!

The site for our next stop, 3 North Vines Winery, located at 5940 Peck Road in Croswell, was selected for its beauty, geological significance, and its proximity to Lake Huron. The vineyard and winery are located on thirty five acres of rolling hills, dotted with three ponds and glimpses of Lake Huron. Geologically, the site is protected by the Port Huron Moraine that helps extend the lake effect weather conditions to Michigan’s east coast. The 3 North team includes the owners Nate and Kristi Shopbell, the advisory board, and an amazing supportive group of family and friends.

All of our wineries have their own special flavor, but they all share two things in common: pride in their craftsmanship and joy of sharing conversation with visitors, so enjoy and drive safely!

New this year is Elk Street Brewery in Sandusky offering hand-crafted, premium microbrews using locally grown hops. Their brews are designed for maximum flavor, smoothness, and drinkability. This micro-brewery uses only the freshest grains, yeasts and water in each of their unique, hand-crafted, premium beers. All of their beers are whole grain with no preservatives. They proudly feature locally sustained hops from Sanilac County’s own commercial hop yard; Barkshanty Hops, LLC. Their hops reflect the richness and integrity of the local soil otherwise known as the Thumb of Michigan. Combine their quality ingredients with years of brewing experience and the results are truly superior brews. Stop in for a pint or two, or maybe a tasting flight to sample. They also offer convenient carry-out growlers for purchase. Fresh Michigan roasted French press coffee, tea, craft root beer and sparking juice is also served. Be sure to stop in and experience their hospitality and beverages in their completely renovated, turn-of-the-century micro-brewery.

Elk Street Brewery M Ltd. & Tap Room
3 South Elk St, Sandusky
(810) 648-1600
Join us for craft microbrewed beer, brewed on-site, in our beautifully adorned turn-of-the-century tap room! We also offer fresh Michigan roasted coffee, served French press, and craft soda pop. Only light snacks are available for purchase, but guests are encouraged to carry in their meals. Check our website for more details. We look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers!
Blue Water Winery
7131 Holverson Rd - Carsonville
(810) 622-032
Lexington Brewing Company & Wine House
5475 North Main Street - Lexington
(810) 359-5012
Sandy Shores Winery
5697 Harris Rd., Jeddo
3 North Vines Vineyard & Winery
5940 Peck Rd.,Croswell 810-956-2706

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