Seasons of Sanilac County

The seasons are ushered in by nature in Sanilac County.
From the change in color in the fall to the snow that blankets in the winter. From the beautiful flowers that awaken in the spring to the long, hot days of summer. Sanilac County has a variety of activities to be enjoyed. Whether it's bike riding, snowmobiling, sailing, or just going for a long walk to see the fall colors, you'll find a way to relax and have fun.

No entertainment is as simple, inexpensive, and memorable as taking your family on a road trip. We invite you to visit Sanilac County and experience all we have to offer in every season of the year. In the spring, begin with a breath taking cruise on M-25 along Lake Huron.

Bring a picnic to enjoy at Lexington Park. Walk on the beach, collect shells and stones, listen to the gentle lapping of the waves, watch massive cargo ships slip quietly by, and savor the scenery. Depending on how early you’re visiting in the spring, icebergs may be drifting and melting offshore: a perfect photographic opportunity.

No matter the season, come and enjoy the beauty and hospitality Sanilac County has to offer!

The summer months offer many of the same pleasures as spring. Picnics, family rides, hiking, swimming, boating, spectacular views of the lake, fishing and hunting are all available in Sanilac County. Many local campgrounds offer a rustic place to stay and have cabins for the frontiersman in you.

If your pleasure is simply sitting around the fire to visit with friends and neighbors, this is the place to be! Motels are located in Sandusky for those of us wanting to enjoy a more traditional comfort; and many Sanilac County communities offer Bed and Breakfast accommodations, for a homey, natural experience.

Take time to appreciate the farmers as they work fields and plant crops; and take advantage of the fact that Sanilac County ranks #1 in Michigan for the production of many agricultural commodities. A great way to see the fields is to drive the country roads on an Off Road Vehicle (ORV)! A new ORV Ordinance in Sanilac County allows the maintained portion of most county roads to be used for ORV and ATV traffic.

Because this is an agricultural county, you can find great variety, quality, and deals at the Farmers Markets in Port Sanilac and Sandusky. Treat yourself to fresh picked fruits, vegetables, flowers, and many other farm commodities produced by local growers. Or stop at any of the many roadside stands scattered throughout the county.

The trees are alive with color in the fall. Miles of intense color are there for your pleasure. A gorgeous view can be found around every turn and in the next mile: truly nature at its finest. The farmers are harvesting their fields; and this is a sight not to be missed. The massive machines devour grain by the truckload. Fishing peaks again in the fall with runs of trout and salmon. And, if you enjoy deer hunting, this is the place to be!

Winter is exceptional in Sanilac County, with groomed snowmobile trails, hockey for all ages, cross-country skiing, rabbit hunting, and photographic opportunities available, to name just a few. Many Sanilac County communities offer family friendly winter festivals, starting in December and lasting all season.