Sanilac Snowmobiling

Winter can be an exhilirating experience in Sanilac County, with clear blue skies, crisp clean air and a blanket of bright white snow covering the rolling fields.

Put yourself into that beautiful picture cruising on your snow machine down the new Thumb Up Sowmobile Trail! Made up of over 100 miles of meticulously groomed trails, all on private land, the Snowmobile Trail is developed and maintained by the Thumbs Up Snowmobile Club, named 2008 Snowmobile Club of the Year.

Thumbs Up
Snowmobile Club

(810) 376-4909

Seasonal trails depending on the weather conditions. Season normally runs from December through March. Activities are based in Sanilac County.

100 miles of trails run from Sandusky to Deckerville and from Deckerville to Forester, Forestville, Minden City and Ruth. Club members mark and maintain the trails along private land. The club also offers snowmobiling safety classes.

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  • Snowmobile Trail Head 1
    Sandusky: Behind the Firebird Theater (parking behind only not in front of theater!)

  • Snowmobile Trail Head 2
    Deckerville: At Wilson Park located 1/2 mile south of the traffic light on Ruth Rd.

  • Snowmobile Trail Head 3
    Forester: The Parking lot at the Forester Inn at the corner of Forester Rd. and M25

  • Snowmobile Trail Head 4
    Minden: At the Minden City Park located north of Bay City Forester Rd. by Weltin Meet Packing.

  • Snowmobile Trail Head 5
    Ruth: The Parking lot at the Farmers Tavern in Ruth just past the Grain Elevator.